Bring the best of America into your business

The multifamily industry has an average employee turnover of nearly 55 percent annually in key positions according to one industry organization. With numbers like these, how can any business operate with any efficiency?


This staggering rate of attrition costs employers a great deal of money, and makes it a constant challenge to find qualified, reliable people to hire for leasing positions such as managers, maintenance techs and leasing consultants.

What if you could hire from a pool of individuals with a known track record for being punctual, hardworking and loyal? These would be individuals who had been specifically-trained to possess strong leadership qualities, yet understand the importance of teamwork. I’m talking about people with integrity, passion and a respect for authority, who follow proper procedures and performed especially well under pressure. And what if, in addition to all these qualities, they came to you fully trained for a career in multifamily housing?

Such individuals stand at the ready and are eager to be your next great hire. They are the selfless men and women who have sacrificed much to preserve our country’s ideals and freedom. They are our nation’s veterans and they are trained, ready and enthusiastic to return as productive members of the American workforce.

PrideAmerica is a program I’ve launched through our company, CallSource, to help United States veterans return and transition back into the civilian work place. The primary focus of this program is to train and mentor members of our armed forces, free of charge, to ensure they are fully prepared for careers in multifamily housing.

Along with making a powerful addition to your company, hiring a veteran qualifies your business for The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). This federal tax credit allows businesses who are eligible to reduce their federal income tax liability by as much as $2,400 per qualified employee. In addition to these federal tax credits, 39 states also offer Enterprise Zone Programs.

These state programs allow employers to claim credits for a portion of employees’ wages paid to veterans.

When you hire a veteran through PrideAmerica, CallSource, with the official support of The National Apartment Association, will train and mentor them.

We educate these fine individuals with the specific skills needed to succeed in the business of multifamily using the CallSource learning management system, Our University. Not only does the platform deliver the latest multifamily courses, it tracks each veteran’s progress and development.

CallSource has employed a number of retired military service people who are trained on Our University. Each has proven to be a valuable member of our team.

We owe our veterans a chance at the employment opportunities they missed while serving our country. It’s just the right thing to do.

A difficult transition
The transition back into civilian life and work can be particularly challenging for returning service men and women. Often, they are simply left to their own resources when it comes to finding employment.

Not only is the unemployment rate alarmingly high for veterans, but they are also confronted with stiff competition in today’s job market. Unfortunately, having served our county has cost our heroes their place in line for civilian jobs.

In addition, many employers don’t fully understand the value of military experience and training.

Often, the training veterans receive may not be adequate, or the lack of job opportunities create a rough entry back into civilian life. As a company, and certainly as an industry, this is where we can help.

Our University
Success is when preparation meets opportunity. In turn, there can be no success without both preparation and opportunity, the framework of PrideAmerica.

By providing free training through Our University, we deliver veterans with targeted skills, ready for optimal success in just about any position within multifamily. You simply provide the opportunity, by hiring them, to gain full advantage of this worthwhile program.

Our University offers a full spectrum of training in the multifamily industry. We have online eLearning and multimedia courses in sales, marketing, management, housing and risk management.

The learning platform also includes maintenance courses on heating and airconditioning repair, complete with detailed video demonstrations, as well as specific courses such as “Bed Bugs 101.” How many property managers do you know that would be prepared if their community ever had an infestation?

Paying it forward
It’s not hard to understand the value of retired veterans in our country. After all, their military training and service is the best in the world.

But it’s only one of the many reasons I am passionate about PrideAmerica. I am dedicated to raising awareness on a national level, so that business of every kind can participate in the mutual benefits of hiring a hero, and in essence, thank these individuals for their service.

And, it stems from my deep gratitude.

This country has been extraordinarily good to me. I have been blessed with so much. I have a sincere reverence and sense of obligation to the men and women who keep this country great.

Our CallSource mission statement is “to enhance performance, accomplishments and results for individuals and organizations in work and life.”

When an individual makes an effort to improve their performance, they cannot help but improve the performance of the company they work for.

I see it every day with the veterans we’ve hired at CallSource. When we all come together through PrideAmerica and choose to hire from these dedicated men and women, we can proudly pay it forward. When we elevate America’s workforce, we elevate our own business and ourselves.

We have set a strong goal of expanding the program into the National Apartment Association’s 174 statewide affiliates and local associations, but we can only do it with the help of our friends in the business. I want to personally invite you to participate in this program, whether it means hiring a hero, or referring someone you know to the program.

PrideAmerica is an opportunity for me, in some small way, to give back to the community and to the nation. It is my chance to pay it forward and show my gratitude for what these people have done. Won’t you join me in welcoming our heros home in a significant way?

Author: Jerry Feldman