And the crowd roared


It’s always gratifying to receive letters from our readers. It seems, however, that the last Publisher’s Letter rang a particular bell with many. It’s true. You didn’t need us to tell you that landlords have been an easy target since the beginning of time; certainly the topic is nothing new. Still, it’s surprising when it comes from within. Here’s just one note from a chorus of owners and operators.

Dear Linda:
I wanted to thank you for your opening letter in the July/August issue of Multihousing Pro. I thought your message was succinct, positive and insightful regarding the breadth of topics and business activities with which multifamily wrestles. The business has certainly grown up in the past 10 to 15 years, and while we hear groans from various talking heads about rising rents, the truth is that rent growth is the result of economics, not indifference.

As you deftly point out, our industry has produced substantial job growth and economic vitality in an otherwise modest/flat growth cycle. We need more people celebrating the high quality of products and services the business delivers rather than shrinking under the light of legitimate rent growth. Moreover, the advent of high quality core locations and technological innovation continue to make our products more enjoyable, more interesting and yes… more expensive.

Well done.

Bradley W. Cribbins
Chief Operating Officer
Alliance Residential Co.