When it rains

Rainwater, or greywater, harvesting is this year’s top landscaping trend, according to a February survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). The survey asked landscape architects to rate the experienced popularity of a variety of residential outdoor design elements in 2016.


In fact, all of the 2016 Residential Landscape Architectural trends were water-focused design elements, reflecting among consumers and multifamily operators a growing commitment to landscapes that reduce water use and storm-water runoff, Nancy Somerville, EVP and CEO of ASLA, noted in a press release.

Drought tolerant plant use and low-maintenance landscapes are the second and third top trends of the year, respectively.

Other top trends that dominated the top ten list include drip/water efficient irrigation systems and rain gardens, xeriscape or dry gardens, rooftop gardens, plant walls and vertical gardens that use sustainable elements, including geothermal heated pools, compost bins, recycled materials and outdoor solar lighting.