Everyone loves to be sold

As a marketer, I’ve had the good fortune to package and position a wide cast of people and things over the decades. From apartments to military equipment to the first commercialized biotest for heart disease, the list is long and crazily random.


The common thread throughout this wide and diverse sea of goods is identifying a solid value to the intended market.

Here’s a secret. Selling is not that hard. If you understand human behavior, you’re practically there. The same triggers that moved our soul a hundred years ago, drive our psyche today. The whirling of the gears is vastly accelerated so the process must be clean and the algorithms dialed in. But the why of the buy is as solid as Maslow.

Through it all, computers have changed everything and the internet changed everything again. Now AI and the taming of big data will change it all once more.

A threat to your multifamily business? Probably not. A kick to your margins and cash flow, maybe. But you’ve got this. For, because you read these words, I know that you are a curious soul. A lover of knowledge and driven with purpose.

Efficiencies come from superior processes. The good news is that there are a torrent of blazing hot products and services looming that will fuel profitability and build a lean, mean rental machine—while insulating your asset from the hazards of varying market conditions and economies.

So do your homework. Let us help. We’ve assembled some great story-telling herein, some of the best yet. Stories with a promise of value to your operation, to your career, and thus, to your well being. As such, we are connected. And that’s a good thing.

Connection—not on social media (sorry, neither memes nor bumper stickers constitute connection)—but real human connection improves health, increases incomes, and sets the stage for a good life.

In fact, providing value to others is at the heart of the human soul. And what better example of providing value to our fellow man than through a commercial transaction where worth is exchanged for worth? Delivering places and experiences that residents call home is nothing short of divine providence—and a value in kind that residents honor by paying their rent. It’s not only a law of economics, but divine principles handed down through the ages.

Some things never change. And the things that do keep us engaged. Thank you for staying connected. It’s our greatest pleasure to keep the stories coming, and the value high.

“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson