NICAR and RealConnex announce partnership to accelerate sales for commercial real estate brokers

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RealConnex, the largest social media networking platform for CRE professionals, and the Northern Illinois Commercial Association of REALTORS (NICAR) are pleased to announce a partnership which allows NICAR members to set up broker profiles and import commercial listings, leveraging RealConnex’s custom pairing tools to match with the over 700,000 opportunities within the growing online community, thus accelerating sales.

NICAR is a commercial overlay board, accredited by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to serve commercial property practitioners in 13 counties of Northern Illinois. NICAR partnered with RealConnex to further augment its membership conveniences. The alliance provides NICAR members with premium access to the vast network, so they can fast-track their buy, sell and lease listings, closing more deals faster, but also allows them to utilize RealConnex’s other tools to build reputation and influence through verifications and ratings.

The NICAR partnership is just the latest addition as the CRE industry’s largest associations continue to aggregate on the RealConnex platform to utilize its unique association benefits, which provide unrivaled access to an array of resources, developers, investors, lenders, service providers and an entire network of other real estate professionals. “As we continually seek to provide applicable professional tools to NICAR members, the need for an effective high-quality tech-based tool was missing in our roster of member benefits,” said Christopher J. Schramko, President of NICAR. “RealConnex fits our members’ needs and we are very enthusiastic about the new opportunities this product offers NICAR members.”

One Industry, One Platform

“NICAR is one of the most active commercial realtor associations in the United States, and the fact that RealConnex is an asset to this exceptional association makes us very proud,” said Roy Abrams, CEO of RealConnex. “It’s testament to our platform’s effectiveness in connecting CRE professionals with opportunities and bolstering the benefits of association membership, but it’s also a mutually beneficial collaboration, one in which we are eager to see the growth and success of RealConnex, NICAR and our members.”

RealConnex was recently recognized as the 2017 Commercial Product of the Year, awarded by The Miami Association of Realtors, another new partner and the largest local realtor association in the country. The partnership with NICAR is yet another milestone for RealConnex, denoting its collaborative efforts to join strong real estate organizations with its vertically integrated technology that aims to be the business accelerator for the industry.

About RealConnex
RealConnex is the world’s first Accelerator connecting real estate professionals to capital, investments, services and each other. It provides all the tools a professional needs to network, build profile, credibility & influence; tools to buy, sell & lease, prospect and connect to opportunities. It’s professional real estate in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Sometimes referred to as LinkedIn meets for professional real estate, the company was founded in 2013 by Roy Abrams, a 25-year veteran of the real estate and technology industries.