Everyone (still) has a story


You walk amongst giants lest you forget. You are the country’s innovators. Leaders. Risk-takers. Those who house America. It’s the noblest of professions and not for the faint of heart. As vital as housing is to America, landlords are also easy targets (sigh). Yet, weathering all economies, activists and regulations, trails of tears and fields of gold, you remain constant beacons, solid in purpose and relentless in mission.

The story of the apartment business is a powerful one of lives and people and the grit of living. “Everyone has a Story” was a 1998 TV show hosted by CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman. Hartman would randomly pick someone from a phone book and profile that person for the show. Every episode was fascinating. Like the stories of multifamily housing. Indeed, everyone does have a story. What’s more remarkable is that most go about their daily lives taking care of business in service to others, answering only to their own drive and determination. Far from attention-seeking, relentless in their pursuits and ceaseless in their making the world better for their effort.

In fact, multifamily housing is an ecosystem of greatness: owners, operators, suppliers, residents and more. For those who make our lives just a little easier, those suppliers and partners who deliver value to our operations and profitability to our bottom lines, we are grateful. Today’s 5 Bullet Friday is about you. Our readers have spoken and we’re delighted to announce the winners of our Multihousing PRO’S READER’S CHOICE AWARDS.

The winner of the cruise vacation for two for participating in the MHP Reader’s Choice survey is Audrey Gibson of Greystar. To Audrey and all of our amazing readers: Thank you for making your voices heard in the Reader’s Choice Survey and for lending us your stories. You inspire. You empower. You have made this country a most amazing place.

Property Management Software

Winner: Yardi and RealPage (statistical tie)


  • MRI Software
  • Resman
  • Entrada

Paint Brands

Winner: Sherwin Williams


  • Benjamin Moore
  • Behr
  • PPG

Package Lockers

Winner: Amazon package lockers


  • Luxer One
  • Package Concierge
  • Parcel Pending

Smart Home – Service Provider

Winner: AT&T and Comcast (statistical tie)


  • Spectrum
  • Epproach Communications

Smart Home – Platforms

Winner: Amazon Alexa


  • Google Home
  • Apple Home Kit
  • Samsung SmartThings