Supreme Court rehears crucial property rights case

Rose Knick and her legal team

On January 16, the U.S. Supreme Court reheard oral argument in a crucial property rights case affecting property owners across the country. At issue is a 1985 Supreme Court decision that bars property owners from federal courts, relegating property rights to second-class status.

(Download .mp3 audio of statements made after argument)

“A win for me is a win for all Americans,” plaintiff Rose Knick said. “If the justices rule in my favor, I want everyone to know it’s not just about me and my private property. This is about opening the federal courtroom doors so all property owners can fight back when government takes their property without paying for it.”

“We’re hopeful and expect that the Court will see the injustice caused by the inability of property owners to get a prompt hearing on whether the government has taken their property without compensation,” PLF senior attorney J. David Breemer said.

The case was first heard October 3, 2018, before Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Court. The reargument will allow all nine justices to weigh in on this crucial property rights issue.

More information about Rose’s case, Knick v. Township of Scott, is available.

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