NMHC launches new website

NMHC’s new website—growinghomestogether.com—calls attention to policy solutions at the state and local levels. Its aim is to make housing more affordable for more Americans by addressing the issue at the heart of affordability: supply.


Across the country, many state and local elected officials are working to develop housing policies intended to address housing affordability challenges. Unfortunately, some of these officials still turn to failed or outdated policies such as rent control. NMHC developed the new website to serve as a resource not only for its members, but also for other housing industry stakeholders, including lawmakers.

Developed in partnership with the National Apartment Association, the website outlines three key steps to address housing affordability:

  • Address the tremendous shortage of homes and remove barriers to adding more supply.
  • Develop and implement creative, public-private partnership opportunities to bring the price point down and create more affordable housing.
  • Use targeted subsidies to help families that are in the most need right now.

NMHC’s goal with Growing Homes Together is to highlight the policy approaches that will make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, provide roadmaps to reducing barriers to address housing shortages and demonstrate the progress that is possible when local, state and federal governments come together with advocates, residents and industry leaders in the interest of all American families.

The site includes state- and community-specific facts and data, historical perspectives on housing policy, details on legislation under consideration across the country and resources for those who may want to get involved.

In addition, the site features critical background information about the housing crisis, the latest news and perspectives about housing affordability and the facts and figures that policymakers, advocates, renters and developers need in order to form and deliver meaningful solutions that provide relief for families struggling to afford their rent.

Growing Homes Together will continue to evolve, while always advocating for proactive policy solutions that make housing more affordable.