WestCorp Management Group appoints Jed Weidauer director of business development

Jed Weidauer
Jed Weidauer, director of business development at WestCorp Management Group (Photo credit: Courtesy of WestCorp Management Group)

Henderson based multifamily management firm WestCorp Management Group has appointed Jed Weidauer director of business development. Weidauer has been with the company since 2011 with responsibilities including management, openings and lease ups of WestCorp’s Nevada portfolio.

As director of business development, Weidauer is responsible for growing WestCorp’s portfolio of properties under management. This includes sales, marketing, business development and relationship management with existing and prospective clients along with multifamily real estate executives.

“Jed has been very successful in his work opening and leasing up new properties, and working with property owners to retain WestCorp’s management services when properties are sold to new owners,” said Margaret Valdez, vice president of operations for WestCorp Management Group. “He has a thorough understanding of the changing landscape in the multifamily industry, which helps us provide property owners with the highest possible return on their investment.”

“Managing multifamily properties effectively requires an attention to detail that WestCorp is known for,” said Weidauer.  “For the past 10 years I have been opening new properties, managing existing properties and working directly with investors and property owners. Our work and experience not only translate into increased business, but also an overall increase in the property value for property owners.”

WestCorp Management Group has approximately 250 employees throughout its 8,000 units in four states. “We have a very low turnover rate, which is a key indicator in the success of multifamily properties,” said Weidauer. “We recognize the importance of having highly skilled and motivated employees at the properties we manage. Employees that are invested in their properties are likely to seek out constant improvement at their properties, which adds to their overall value and keeps retention rates among the highest in our industry.”