Power Hitters with Kevin Kelly


NAHB Power Hitters Host Linda Hoffman, speaks with Kevin Kelly, chairman and managing principal of Leon N Weiner & Associates. Kelly’s accomplishments, service and celebrity in housing are great. He is a past chairman of the board of the national association of homebuilders. Kelly is a natural leader in all he does—for his entire life—from inductee into his high school’s hall of fame to president of Saint Anselms student government, to member of Delaware Governor Carney’s transition team and several others.

Kelly’s company, LNWA, is privately held with over $55 million in annual revenue, employing over 300 employees.

Kelly follows another great leader, Leon Weiner. If housing had a hero, Leon Weiner is ours. As a third-generation builder, Leon was considered the “conscience of the housing industry,” having played a key role in developing housing policy and forging consensus at the national level. Weiner was inducted into NAHB’s hall of fame and his bust, the only of its kind, is displayed in the NAHB lobby today.

It would take a great man to fill those shoes, and Kevin Kelly certainly brings the skills. LNWA is active in the affordable housing space. Kelly delivers great insights and boots on the ground information as to what’s happening in the apartment industry, the state of development and what can be done to improve fundamentals for future.