Sponsored: 5 reasons to make the move to managed Wi-Fi

It enhances the resident experience.

Unlike traditional residential internet solutions, managed Wi-Fi is built for multifamily properties, which allows residents to easily access their secure personal network across the entire property. Fast, reliable Wi-Fi is instantly available at move-in, so residents don’t have to wait multiple days for tech appointments. And with no data caps, residents can shop, surf, binge and game without buffering.

It increases your revenue opportunity.

Property owners can contract for broadband at a property level on a bulk basis. For many, this means they can charge a technology or amenity fee to residents that is below market rates and still make more than they would in traditional revenue share from other providers. Alternatively, properties can include the cost in the residents’ rent to support higher rents or differentiate from the competition. In any case, the property is now able to directly monetize this valuable service for their residents.

It prepares your property for a smart future.

A property-wide managed Wi-Fi network means you can streamline your common area network, employee network, IoT network, individual resident network and any other network access you may need. This eliminates the need for multiple networks at your property. The same solution can be used to securely connect property-managed smart devices, like leak detection tools and smart thermostats, with ease (which will also lead to money saved in the long run through things like HVAC expenses and damage prevention). Property owners can remotely manage many components in the unit and even rekey doors. It also means residents can easily connect their own in-unit smart devices like smart lights and speakers. The best part is that the solution used to connect these smart devices can be the same one providing exceptional internet access for your residents, staff and guests.

It’s more reliable.

Internet service is critical, which is why having specialized technical support with remote monitoring and redundancies built-in is a huge advantage of managed Wi-Fi. You’ll always have access to excellent 24/7 customer service, a dedicated account manager and a team of experts.

It provides enterprise-level security.

In fact, managed Wi-Fi solutions like DISH Fiber take security to another level by providing unique encryption to the individual users. DISH Fiber also includes enterprise-grade firewalls for every property. Not just for every resident, but for the employee network as well.

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