Ginnie Mae extends submission deadline for issuer eligibility request for input


Ginnie Mae announced it will extend the comment period on its Request for Input (RFI) on Eligibility Requirements for Single-Family MBS Issuers by an additional 60 days. This extension recognizes the significance of and interest in the proposal, stakeholder requests for more time, and Ginnie Mae’s commitment to carefully considering input, analyzing data, and ensuring a collaborative comment process. In addition, Ginnie Mae removes references in the RFI suggesting that revisions to existing financial requirements will take effect for calendar year 2021 audited financial statements as it may take more time to review and finalize potential changes.

The extension will also provide additional time for coordination with other relevant bodies, particularly the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS), both of whom are working on similar financial standards. Ginnie Mae is committed to working toward close alignment among the entities that maintain financial standards for the MBS market, and taking a comprehensive approach to this issue, in close collaboration with our issuers.

The revised submission deadline for formal comments to this RFI is October 8, 2021.