Sponsored: Managed Wi-Fi Mythbusters

Myth #1: “Managed Wi-Fi is not secure.”

BUSTED! Managed Wi-Fi is actually more secure than individual resident networks. Some providers, like DISH Fiber, offer enterprise-grade firewalls for every property to create greater peace of mind. Additionally, some providers offer enhanced security features, such as personal resident networks, user-specific login credentials, and unique encryption keys. That means no more Wi-Fi password signs in your community areas. Residents will simply remain connected to their private, personal network.

Myth #2: “Managed Wi-Fi won’t be as fast because too many people will be on one network.”

BUSTED! With managed Wi-Fi, all residents have access to one fast, reliable and secure network. These networks are specifically designed for the needs of each multifamily community; they ensure that residents have the speeds they need to binge their favorite content or browse without buffering—even at peak times. They are designed by experts in multifamily technology to ensure providers have the right capacity and the right coverage to deliver a seamless experience for residents, guests, and staff.

Myth #3: “I won’t make any more money with a bulk managed Wi-Fi model than I do with revenue sharing across multiple providers.”

BUSTED! Most in the multifamily space are familiar with the traditional revenue share model in which one or multiple providers offer services to the residents. In exchange, the property receives a negotiated percentage of that revenue. However, many savvy multifamily professionals have recognized the opportunity to significantly increase revenue by transitioning to a managed Wi-Fi solution and offering high-speed connectivity as an amenity to residents. With managed Wi-Fi, property owners are able to significantly decrease overall property costs for Wi-Fi through bulk pricing.

Myth #4: “I don’t have fiber optic cable so I can’t get DISH Fiber.”

BUSTED!  Using the latest technology, providers can deliver an amazing managed Wi-Fi experience, with gig-enabled speeds, over almost any existing infrastructure, including; coax, ethernet or even twisted pair. With DISH Fiber, you don’t even need fiber in a unit to deliver fast, reliable, high-speed internet. DISH Fiber will work with you to develop a solution that provides the best service for your residents at the lowest cost to you. With one provider, you eliminate the need for multiple partners that require different modifications to existing infrastructure.

Learn more about these myths and other top misconceptions about managed Wi-Fi in multifamily communities at info.dishbusiness.com/mythbusters