Friday, December 8, 2023

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Accurate Builders & Developers is about to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Founded by Jack Klugmann in 2009, the Company was built around the principle of providing quality construction to transform neighborhoods and the lives of those that live and work in the homes and buildings constructed. Accurate entered the construction industry and real estate development market with a focus on residential housing; developing an expertise and reputation for quality single-family home construction as well as larger, duplex and townhouse projects. The Company has followed housing market trends and successfully developed and constructed a number of higher density multifamily projects in both suburban and urban areas along train lines with over 2,000 units constructed to date. A key factor in the Company’s success is that Accurate is both the developer and general contractor of all of its projects. By maintaining control over these critical aspects of any development project, Accurate is able to manage project costs and construction timetables which maximizes efficiency and allows the Company to complete projects ahead of schedule and at or below budget.

JMF Properties, RD Management, and Accurate Builders & Developers close on 14-acre site at...

JMF Properties, RD Management LLC, and Accurate Builders and Developers announced today that the joint venture partnership has closed on a 14-acre site on...


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