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Gnosis builds revolutionary market-driven forecasting technology to let you shape the future. A permissionless and decentralized platform built on Ethereum, Gnosis is the easiest way to aggregate relevant information from both human and AI agents into one number.

Passionate about prediction markets, Gnosis co-founders Martin Köppelmann and Stefan George started to develop prediction market applications early in college. Later employed at ConsenSys, the globally leading Ethereum venture production studio, they decided to pursue this passion and develop a prediction market application on Ethereum—Gnosis was born. Early this year, the platform went on to become a fully-fledged company and was able to raise $12.5 million in their token sale in April. Now counting 30 employees spread out all over the world, Gnosis is based and operated in Gibraltar while the core technical development is done in Berlin.

Propy partners with Gnosis to predict real estate prices

Propy, the global property store and decentralized title registry, today announced its partnership with decentralized prediction market platform Gnosis to bring never-before-seen transparency to...


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