1M lease online

Consumers log on to lease apartments in record numbers and vote with their mouses as to the importance of online leasing For the first time, the 30-day total of consumers checking apartment unit availability online exceeded one million as captured by the VaultWare reservation system for the month of July.


Representing a historic milestone for the multifamily industry, this ever-expanding volume suggests that providing online availability has become a significant component of rental operation.

The VaultWare engine, a product of Realty DataTrust, is the apartment industry’s leading online check-availability and reservation system, and is integrated into over 125 Websites that include Internet listing services (ILS), Internet search sites and property management Websites. According to the VaultWare online marketing index (www.vaultware.com/marketindex), ILSs that renters frequent the most in their searches for online information accounted for a combined total of 294 check availability clicks and 6.9 reservations per property. Those sites include:


These sites experienced the highest number of VaultWare-powered availability transactions in July contributing to the record-breaking month; checking availability and reserving online typically begins the leasing process for prospects who want to hold an apartment they see on the Internet and then often visit in person. The VaultWare online marketing index is a reference source for VaultWare clients to benchmark their online marketing and reservation activity and compare their results to industry standards.

“It is astounding to reach a million clicks in just 31 days when back in 2004 that number took a full year to realize. Consumers, whether they are shopping for an apartment or airline tickets or any other purchase, go online for information they can use to make immediate decisions,” said Gina Kilker, vice president of marketing for Realty DataTrust.

Realty DataTrust Corporation, located in Scottsdale, Ariz., offers online leasing solutions for the multifamily housing industry that help consumers reserve apartments online and decreases properties’

vacancy rates. Over 100 management companies throughout the U.S., from small property management companies to some of the country’s largest real estate investment trusts, use the award-winning VaultWare.