Saturday, June 22, 2024

Making rental businesses profitable

You inspire us. For nearly two-and-a-half decades you have been our loyal reader, our greatest supporter, our guiding light. Your courage, your relentless innovation and fearless attitude guide us.

We are proud and delighted to serve you, the rental housing industry. You’re fighters. We love that. You’re innovators. We desperately need that. And you provide housing, one of the most basic human needs on earth.

And we thank you for making the PRO brand an integral part of rental housing business. We’ve seen a lot of change over the decades. The growth of NAHB. The launch of NAA and NMHC. The rise and fall of economies, market compression and even the definition of a rental home.

You’ve pivoted. We’ve followed. And it’s time again. Multihousing Pro is rebranding to Yield Pro. It’s not so much a change as it is catching up to what we actually do. We focus on profitability. We value those processes and tools that deliver profitability to our readers and their businesses. We follow proven economic principles over fads, activism and agenda. Here’s to another 23 years and to making you and your business more prosperous. It’s time to turn the page…

About Yield PRO

Yield PRO magazine is a national title that provides comprehensive, up-to-date news and information affecting CEOs, owners and managers in the multihousing industry. Content includes in-depth research, investigative reporting, expert analysis and insight into key issues that drive the industry: finance, economics, profitability, operations, regulatory issues, technology, trends that matter and insights on key players and their strategies.

Yield PRO is one of a kind. It’s multihousing news and strategy for owners and operators seeking to increase their asset value through streamlined processes and best practices.

We build content with one goal in mind: Improve the profitability and performance of multifamily businesses.

We do what it takes to be the industry’s thought leader. Our content is newsworthy, provocative, and memorable. We cover business trends with one goal in mind: to improve the profitability and performance of multifamily business.

Our readers are driven professionals in the business of multifamily. We respect their intelligence and value their time. In turn, they are passionate about us.

Yield PRO