CallSource teams with Hire Heroes USA

CallSource is teaming with Hire Heroes USA to provide jobs and training. Any company that agrees to hire a hero will also have the benefit of free training for that veteran from CallSource.


“We must support these young people who have given so much,” stated Jerry Feldman, CEO of CallSource. “It’s our moral duty. But who better to step into our (multifamily) industry than veterans. There is an inherent respect and discipline that comes with the individual. They have an exceptional work ethic right from the start. They are also more likely to stay at their job which helps with attrition within the industry.”

Hire Heroes USA was created in 2007 to help veterans find careers nationwide. The program helps all veterans, which includes those returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom with any level of disability as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

CallSource works with the top multihousing owners and operators in the country to build organizational performance. Its program, “Our University” improves individual skills through an integrated system that monitors and trains staff. Through its years in the industry, CallSource has also built the industry’s most extensive and well – collaborated educational content.

By training these honorable veterans for careers across the country, they are able to continue to serve and make a difference.

Hire Heroes USA identifies veterans who seek career placement by working through word of mouth, the Internet and with transition and VA rehabilitation centers. Each applicant is qualified and screened to determine career interests, job skills and location preferences.

Additionally, Hire Heroes USA works with potential employers by contacting interested companies to identify suitable positions for the veterans. CallSource will train those focused on multifamily so they come ready to hit the ground running for their prospective multifamily employer.

“Our mission is to be the bridge to the right career fit for our returning heroes,” said Bayne Tippins, director of corporate accounts, Hire Heroes USA. “Hire Heroes will help to ease the transition from military to civilian life.”

The Hire Heroes USA program was inspired by the experiences of Justin Callahan, who served as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army during Operation Enduring Freedom and is now an account manager for Hire Heroes USA.

While undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Callahan met John Bardis, chairman, president and CEO of MedAssets, by chance in a hotel lobby. Bardis extended a job offer to Callahan that day, and Justin has been a MedAssets’ employee since he officially retired from the military three years ago. Callahan’s experiences raised awareness and understanding of the challenges veterans may face when re-entering and adjusting to the workplace.

“The program gives guys a chance to start a new life and really opens paths for them,” Callahan said. “It is more than helping them out with a job. It’s about helping them grow stronger mentally and emotionally to have a more normal life.”

“With the support of companies like CallSource, Hire Heroes will help those who have defended this country so bravely conquer challenges they may face in securing employment and re-building their lives,”

Bardis said. “I can think of no better way to show support and appreciation for the sacrifices these individuals have made to preserve our freedoms than to make the transition back to civilian life and work as simple as possible.”