Who says you can’t go back?

I've got Bon Jovi stuck in my head.


I always knew that I’d like this place.
You don’t have to look too far, to find a friendly face
I feel alive when I’m walkin’ on the street.
I feel the heart of the city poundin’ underneath my feet.

Yeaaaaaah, let the world keep spinnin round ‘n round
This is where it’s goin’ down, down, down.
That’s why I love this town.

(lyrics from I Love This Town, Jon Bon Jovi)


I’ve got Bon Jovi stuck in my head.

It’s hard not to after reading Wendy’s story on the rock- star-humanitarian-amazingly-cute-family-man. Jon is an all-round cool guy who wants to change the world through multihousing. Imagine that.

His project, Genesis, is at the heart of a great deal of authentic change happening in Newark, N.J. It’s just one of the many projects under Mayor Cory Booker’s leadership. Booker has doubled the production of affordable housing in his once-depressed town. He’s already completed 400 units, with a pipeline triple that.

Full disclosure: There’s a recession going on. But I have to tell you, and I speak for the team, we’re not Henny Penny members. We actually understand economics and statistical metrics, and most of us have lived through a few recessions. These are not end times. Ask Ric Campo, CEO of Camden. He’ll tell you. He’s actually having fun. Go figure. There are challenges, but I see mostly prosperity. But then, I may have a different value system.