The all-new


HUD Public Affairs launch their newly redesigned website, The site has been extensively redesigned with the goal of improving the site’s usability. Changes were made to the site’s menus to improve the ease of navigating the site to find the information on HUD’s programs and practices the user is seeking. Change were also made to make the site more visually engaging.

HUD describes the changes as follows:

  • There is a new search tool function and more images, making the content livelier and more engaging. It also allows us to better share news and human-interest stories with our stakeholders.
  • We prominently feature HUD’s social media channels so you can interact with our content in real time. We have also launched a new podcast, “House Keys,” which is easily accessed through the homepage and allows stakeholders to hear from leaders on the most pressing topics within the housing industry.
  • The new website is also part of a larger department-wide rebranding effort, which will be reflected across the agency’s digital channels and communications. The Program Office and State webpages will now have the same streamlined look and feel as the main page, focusing on only the most important and timely information and content.
  • The new site is mobile-friendly, which is responsive to the increasing number of users who access our site from mobile devices. Almost half of all visitors each month access from a device. That number will only increase in the coming years and will overtake the traffic coming in from desktop computers.

The redesigned HUD website can be found here.