Apartment cleaning service expands business model


Lapa Lopa, an innovative cleaning service exclusively for apartments, has launched a new app for cleaners, whether individuals or cleaning companies. Operating in the Washington D.C. and Seattle metro areas, Lapa Lopa has created the cleaning team app in order to expand the number of cleaners to keep pace with demand. The company is changing the apartment cleaning industry by compressing the process of scheduling cleaning service through a simple-to-use app that leverages apartment density and makes it easier for the cleaners to provide consistent service.

Lapa Lopa entered the market in 2018 with an app centered on giving residents a fast and simple way to get reliable cleaning services for their apartments. The new app separates the cleaning functionality from the company’s flagship app that allows residents to subscribe to consistent, focused cleaning services. Lapa Lopa’s cleaner app allows prospective cleaners to register, set availability, see their schedule with addresses, and mark units when cleaning is complete.

The cleaner-specific app includes a workflow and short checklist of items that match customers’ expectations. The simple interface allows cleaners to mark when things have been cleaned, as well as indicate when they are unable to complete items on the checklist. Cleaners are also able to add pictures to show what impedes their ability to complete the work (such as dishes in the sink). The Lapa Lopa platform then communicates that information to the resident to help educate residents how to best prepare for future cleanings. By focusing on the cleaner experience to match the customer expectations, the end results are higher quality with greater customer satisfaction.

The Lapa Lopa strategy for efficiency is simple. By grouping cleanings by property, building, and even by floor, cleaning schedules are optimized for time efficiency and price. The company’s standard service approach is focused on the high use areas of an apartment—bathrooms and kitchen—delivering the best service at scale pricing. Cleaners spend less time travelling apartment to apartment and more time cleaning. This also creates a model for competitive pay, often higher than market average, for cleaners.

About Lapa Lopa

Headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., Lapa Lopa is a cleaning service that leverages technology to deliver a radically improved experience for those living in apartment buildings. Lapa Lopa’s mission is simple: Be useful to our neighbors and partners. Founded in 2018, our focus on multifamily (apartment) communities allows us to improve life for our neighbors at a fair price, without sacrificing quality or trust, and provide living wages for the cleaners. Launched from its pilot program in Washington, D.C., Lapa Lopa is now available in the Washington D.C. and Seattle metro areas.