American Ventures CEO reveals science behind multifamily & commercial real estate

Shravan Parsi Releases The Science Of The Deal with ForbesBooks (PRNewsfoto/ForbesBooks)

Shravan Parsi, founder and CEO of multifamily and commercial real estate investment company, American Ventures, today announced the publication of The Science of the Deal™: The DNA of Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate.

A pharmaceutical scientist by education, Shravan Parsi is determined to bring an analytical approach to an industry in need of clarity. In The Science of the Deal™, he outlines the technical information needed to learn how to invest in multifamily and commercial real estate, how to understand what makes a good potential investment and when to walk away.

With The Science of the Deal™, Shravan Parsi encourages investors and investment firms to step outside of their typical comfort zones and put their money to work in ways that could upstage their expectations. In an industry which accounts for about 20 percent of the country’s GDP—that’s $3.9 trillion—there is plenty of opportunity for highly motivated individuals equipped with an expert approach to create a lucrative venture. Shravan himself has successfully acquired over 4000 units in the multifamily real estate space along with several successful commercial real estate investments by co-investing and partnering with private equity groups, family offices, and accredited investors.

“People always need places to live and work, so multifamily and commercial real estate remains a good investment. With a lot of entrepreneurial hustle, you can create and scale great ventures,” Parsi said.

The Science of the Deal: The DNA of Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Investing is available on Amazon.

About Shravan Parsi

Shravan Parsi left his home in Hyderabad, India for St. John’s University to earn a master’s in pharmaceutical science. After a few years carving out a successful career for himself in the pharmaceutical industry, Shravan left New York for a job in Texas that afforded him the time to focus on his side hustle: real estate investing. His company, American Ventures, head quartered out of downtown Austin has multifamily and commercial properties throughout Texas and is continuing to aggressively and profitably expand their real estate holdings.

He is a member of TIGER 21 and a past member of Entrepreneurs Org (EO). Shravan’s philanthropic efforts revolve around educating underprivileged children. He currently serves on the board of Pratham USA and is a member of Andy Roddick Foundation.