Infographic: Property rights deconstruction


Rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city—except for bombing. (Swedish economist and socialist Assar Lindbeck)

St. Paul, Minnesota

has passed the strictest rent control measures in the U.S.—if not the world. The new law takes effect May 1, 2022. Perhaps the delay will allow time to consider its unintended consequences.

65,000+ rental units

All St. Paul rental stock is now government-regulated

3% annual cap

on rent increases on all units, new and existing.

1984 state law

rent control mandates can only be passed by referenda by law

81% economists

surveyed oppose rent control due to long-range consequences

renters enjoy

artificially low rents, but ultimately leads to a housing shortage and less affordability

24 hours

after the referendum, developers quickly placed thousands of units on hold

3,800 units

will be lost in St. Paul, including 760 affordable housing units, which are subsidized by market-rate units. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter is working to alter the rent control referendum to exempt new development.

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