Sponsored: How The Vic partnered with DISH Fiber to launch a one-of-a-kind community

The Vic
When construction on The Vic at Interpose started back in 2021, developers knew they were building something different.

When construction on The Vic at Interpose started back in 2021, developers knew they were building something different.

Designed to give Houston residents a prime location without all the high costs that typically come with one, The Vic would offer five stories of micro and studio apartments and sit atop more than 20,000 square feet of retail space. Its location—just west of downtown Houston—would offer easy access to two of the city’s hottest neighborhoods: Montrose and The Heights.

As Kate Good, partner and senior vice president of multifamily development with Huntington Residential (The Vic’s developer), explains, “Studio apartments enable a renter to find a home they can afford in an otherwise pricey location.”

But building smaller units was only one part of the equation. To keep rents affordable despite The Vic’s in-demand locale, minimizing operations and ancillary service costs was critical too.

That’s where DISH Fiber came in.

“Our goal was to find a provider who could deliver max speed for a minimum price,” Good says. “We felt that the DISH Fiber bulk buy offered this and at a price point we could roll into our amenity fee.”

There were several key factors that led to their choice of provider. With DISH Fiber’s managed WiFi solution, The Vic could outfit their property with future-proof technology designed specifically for multifamily communities. Residents at The Vic would have access to consistent, high-speed internet throughout the property, and with DISH Fiber’s all-inclusive pricing, the management team could rest easy knowing the service fit their community’s financial goals.

The Vic’s amenity fee—which includes DISH Fiber internet and streaming TV, as well as parking, water, trash, pool and fitness center access—is passed on to residents for just $150 per month. It’s a cost Good says residents are happy to pay, especially since it ensures internet and TV are available upon move-in.

“Our residents are very happy with the package,” Good says. “The ‘instant on’ feature makes moving day a smooth one.”

According to Good, pre-included Wi-Fi and TV are also a great asset to The Vic’s marketing team and are top selling points when meeting with prospective tenants.

“Our team leads all leasing and marketing efforts with the message that we have a total home package designed for luxury and affordability,” Good says. “This is resonating with today’s renter. We notice the wow-factor when a potential resident learns their Wi-Fi and streaming TV are included in the price we are quoting.”

Bulk buying DISH Fiber also offers residents significant savings. According to Good, if residents were to purchase Wi-Fi and TV services separately, it would cost them nearly 60 percent more per month.

“It adds tangible value,” Good says.

The Vic opted for bulk Wi-Fi during its initial development stages, so the proper infrastructure was able to be incorporated from the start. This made for a seamless installation process and ensured the property was positioned for strong fiber connections for the long haul.

Throughout the entire process the Vic worked closely with a dedicated Account Manager, including the initial kickoff, installation, staff training, resident onboarding and providing ongoing support—which gave The Vic more control over the experience and outcome.

It’s an arrangement that’s been so successful, Huntington Residential is considering the same for additional properties it has in the works.

“We worked with DISH Fiber to understand the entire flow—their customer service, the instant-on access, ease of use—and it had absolutely no pain points,” Good says. “We’re happy with how smoothly things are going and already gathering quotes for our next 3 projects under construction.”

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