Apis Cor to Build a 3D-Printed Model House to Demonstrate Workforce Housing in South Florida

Brevard County's tech sector has experienced remarkable growth, with a 41.6% increase in high-tech employment over five years, adding 10,356 jobs. This economic boom underscores the need for innovative housing solutions, a demand to which Apis Cor's project is aptly positioned to respond.

Apis Cor, a pioneer in construction technology, has commenced construction of a fully permitted 3D-printed residential house in Melbourne, Florida.

The 2,168-square-foot house is tailored to meet both long-term and short-term rental needs for workforce personnel coming to the Space Coast region. It features four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and a spacious common area highlighted by a curved 3D printed wall. Notably, the construction costs are projected to be 38% lower than the current market rates in Brevard, positioning this as a feasible affordable housing option.

The house design was inspired by the growing number of young professionals in Brevard County, where rapid economic growth has spurred demand for innovative workforce housing. Apis Cor’s initiative is a response to the changing demographics and housing needs of the Space Coast community, setting an example for growing cities across the nation.

Construction has commenced, with lot grading and earthwork in progress. The Grand Opening for Wall Printing is set for mid-December 2023. Apis Cor’s proprietary robots, Frank and Gary, will utilize durable 3D concrete for wall printing, combining traditional construction robustness with advanced technology.

Trevor Ragno, Director of Construction Technologies at Apis Cor, explains, “Our 3D-printed walls are structurally identical to standard concrete block walls, featuring identical reinforcement and connection details. We are not reinventing the wall; we’re using technology to build the same walls faster, more sustainably, and with robotic precision.”

“We are thrilled about our varied 3D-printed housing initiatives in the Space Coast. Alongside our projects with Habitat for Humanity’s Space Coast chapter, this workforce house model showcases how innovative construction technologies can address community needs and contribute to economic growth,” he concludes.