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The November December 2019 issue of Yield PRO magazine

How marketers can overcome short-termism

Marketing is all about strategy—or is it? To find out, the August 2019 CMO Survey asked U.S. marketing leaders: “How much time do you...

Milling around

The Lofts at Sterling Mill located in Franklinton, N.C. opened in November. The 124 year old structure, formerly known as Sterling Cotton Mill, was...
Brian Chesky

Is Airbnb’s overhaul a turning point?

It shouldn’t have taken two major incidents of fraud and violence to convince one of the world’s leading travel brands to upgrade their approach...

Virtual tours and live videos give rental prospects intimate access

Matt Weirich devised the concept of a video leasing platform after a painful apartment hunting experience when he graduated from Purdue University and moved...

Making Disparate Impact deliver fairness

HUD’s proposed revisions to our disparate-impact rule enhance our commitment to fairness for everyone. Everyone agrees that discrimination has no place in society. But everyone...


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