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Sumitomo Forestry has its roots in forest ownership and its management. Founded over 330 years ago, the company focuses on the wood-product businesses, emphasizing sustainability, fairness, and societal value in its operations. The company’s business expanded to include importing, trading and distributing timber and wood-based products, as well as single-family homebuilding and other housing-related businesses. In the early 2000’s, Sumitomo Forestry began building homes in Seattle, Washington, followed by a series of equity investments in homebuilders and real estate development, resulting in the company quickly expanding its footprint nationwide. Sumitomo Forestry has remained committed to ongoing research of U.S. housing trends, cultural changes, construction methods and the residential market environment. In the single-family house business, the company delivers over 10,000 units annually and ranks 9th in the U.S. based on the number of homes closed. In the multifamily housing business, the company will rank 6th in the United States, delivering over 8,000 homes, with JPI becoming a member of the group.

Sumitomo Forestry & JPI

JPI to be Acquired by Sumitomo Forestry America, Inc.

JPI, a leader in the development of Class A and attainable multifamily communities, and Sumitomo Forestry America, Inc. (“Sumitomo Forestry”), proudly announce the signing...


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