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Transwestern Development Co. (TDC) is a diversified business with expertise in all commercial property types. The firm executes projects through a variety of venture and contract structures and has been creating commercial landmarks for itself, its partners and valued customers throughout the U.S. since 1978. TDC operates as a principal, investing capital alongside its institutional equity partners in the development of speculative and build-to-suit projects, and as a fee developer for clients and user-owners. Part of the integrated Transwestern enterprise, the firm capitalizes on the market insight and operational expertise of its affiliates, which include a diversified real estate services firm with 34 U.S. offices and a real estate investment management company.

Another 147 micro apartments planned for Austin

Transwestern Development Co. (TDC) today announces the acquisition of a 0.56-acre site at 817 W. 12th St. in Austin, Texas, to develop its third...


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