Sunday, December 3, 2023

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VaultCap Partners is a private real estate investment company based in Dallas, Texas. VaultCap invests in multifamily real estate across Texas through opportunistic, value-add, and core strategies.

Huntington Meadows apartments

FCP and VaultCap Partners acquire Huntington Meadows Apartments in Austin, Texas

FCP and VaultCap Partners (VaultCap) announce the acquisition of Huntington Meadows apartments, a 200-unit multifamily property at 7000 Decker Lane in Austin, Texas. Huntington...
Prairie Ridge Apartments

FCP and VaultCap Partners acquire again in Grand Prairie, Texas with acquisition of 100-unit...

FCP and VaultCap Partners have followed their July 2021 acquisition of Corey Place Apartments with the purchase of the adjacent 100-unit Prairie Ridge Apartments. The...
Corey Place Apartments

FCP and VaultCap Partners acquire Corey Place Apartments in Grand Prairie, Texas

FCP and VaultCap Partners (VaultCap) have acquired Corey Place Apartments, a 275-unit garden apartment community in Grand Prairie, Texas. The transaction marks the first joint...


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