NAA: Lest we forget

The National Apartment Association held its annual Education Conference and Exposition in Atlanta in June to a record-setting crowd of over 9,500 attendees. A lot has changed in its many decades of history. What hasn’t changed might be the greatest thing of all.


Year after year, apartment professionals gather, catch up on news, meet with old friends and make new ones. NAA’s conference every June, for as long as most of us can remember, is a guidepost to countless lives, in and out of the inner circle that is the livelihood of so many.

This annual event, with the assuredness of a sunrise, has become the measure by which we remember life events (the NAA we all learned Michael Jackson had died) and recall just how interwoven multifamily housing is to our economic stability (In what city was NAA when Archstone sold to Tishman Spier?)

In 1939, NAA began as a group of friends and that part of the story really hasn’t changed. Long before it was an educational conference (1988) or the precursor to Units, Apartment Profits, was launched (1977), there were larger than life personalities and bigger than Texas passions that formed the organization that was, and is, the “backbone” of this great country.

After all, NAA members are a rare and noble group of the bravest cowboys who ride all manner of economic cycles—from the very good to the very bad. And it’s moments like NAA in June, where the best stories are told—and new ones are made. It’s the story-telling that makes every NAA conference great. The history and breadth of those who have gone before us, has made the organization the pillar it is today.

Moving this history into the next generation is just as key as is the next big thing in operational efficiency and profitability.

With over 60 sessions, and 1,100 supplier booths, the newest insights for boosting profitability are available to multifamily owners and operators. We turned the page with new President and CEO, Robert Pinnegar taking the helm with opening remarks. The event was energized with a star line up and the biggest and the best trends rocking apartment operations today. All in all, “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts nailed it.

“You have to put yourself in position for good things to happen,” she said. “Proximity is the key—location, location, location.”

Next year it’s San Diego. Congratulations NAA on another great event.

As a tribute to the many who have set the stage, creating the institution that is the National Apartment Association, we’d like to honor those lives and voices who helped build an association for the ages. One specifically for apartment owners, the landlords, the voice of greatness and purveyors of home to millions.

Our deepest thanks to one and all. It is a very good thing you have built here. Very good, indeed.

NAA chairmans, Term
Cindy Clare, Virginia, 2017
Marc Ross, Texas, 2016
Tom Beaton, Massachusetts, 2015
Brad Williams, Texas, 2014
Alexandra Jackiw, Indiana, 2013
Jerry Wilkinson, Georgia, 2012
Mike Gorman, Indiana, 2011
Marc Rosenwasser, Florida, 2010

Ron Shelton, Texas, 2009
Michael Tompkins, Georgia, 2008
Dave Watkins, Florida, 2007

Joe Sharp, Texas, 2006
Tom Day, Texas, 2005
Deane Dolben, Massachusetts, 2004
Tom Shelton, Arizona, 2003
Scott Gardner, Oklahoma, 2002
Phil Carlock, Georgia, 2001
Jim Hepfner, Dallas, 2000

Mary Beth Woodard, N. Carolina, 1999
Jerry Molique, Michigan, 1998
Rob Johnston, Georgia, 1997
Hap Hunnicutt, Texas, 1996
David Phifer, Colorado, 1995
Tom Shuler, S. Carolina, 1994
Danny Spindler, Indiana, 1993
Tony Pusateri, Texas, 1992
John Smehyl, Georgia, 1991
Jerry Warshaw, Georgia, 1990

Paul Nichols, Texas, 1989
Steve Ira, Colorado, 1988
Gerald Blonder, Georgia, 1987
Bob Sherman, Texas, 1986
Roger Greer, Georgia, 1985
Roland Freeman, Texas, 1984
Jim Reeder, California, 1983
Robert Esrey, Missouri, 1982
Stanley Taube, Minnesota, 1981
Rik Fulscher, Colorado, 1980

Tim Schaefer, Wisconsin, 1979
Don Lawrence, 1975-77
Joe Sanson, 1974
L.B. (Leslie) Nelson, 1973
Bob Ross, 1972
Joe Sexton, 1971
Jenard Gross, 1970

Arthur Pomponio, 1968-1969
Samuel Lackman, 1967
Emerson Reinsch, 1965-66
Tes L. Giammugnani, 1963-64
Arthur Pomponio, 1962
Major Earl Vaughn, 1960

Douglas Dorn, 1955-59
Everett Curtis, 1954
R.L. Vanderslice, 1952-53
Loyal McCarthy, 1951
William Russell, 1947-50

George Englar, 1946
Herbert Nelson, 1945
E.N. Ayer, 1944
Eugene P. Conser, 1943
Albert Kulp, 1942
Harry Bruck, 1941
James McShea, 1940