Room to chill

Apartment communities not yet ready to invest in a refrigerated locker system might consider Luxer One’s package room solution, said Melody Akhtari, Luxer One’s director of marketing and communications in late September.

Luxor One works from the concept of proven technology. Incorporating refrigeration units that are already industry leaders, the firm then provides a controlled access system for the room that houses the unit.

Luxer One has been in the locker-based delivery business since 2005 and introduced its electronic smart lockers in 2013. The company created the Luxer Room two years later in response to a challenge by AMLI Residential’s then CEO Steve Hallsey, who didn’t want lockers, but did want some kind of automated package acceptance system for the multifamily giant’s apartment communities.

The Luxer Room, which easily integrates with an apartment community’s existing package room, features a controlled access touch screen at the room’s entrance that allows only delivery personnel and package recipients to enter. It is equipped with cameras that allow video surveillance of the area to provide accountability and security.

When a delivery is made, the carrier keys in a unique code on a screen inside the package room. This triggers an electronic notification to the recipient that a package has been delivered, along with a single-use code they key in to gain access to the room. Unlike a locker system, any package in the room is accessible to persons given access so the reduced cost of the room based system is traded off against reduced control of access.

A year after the Luxer Room was introduced, the company made possible the installation of refrigerators in the room by reconfiguring the existing package room’s software so that a refrigerated delivery can be specified in the recipient’s notification.

“They get an increase in notifications for perishables. There’s usually more of a sense of urgency on a Blue Apron box compared to a book, so it’s a bit of a different experience on the software side,” she said.

Luxer One doesn’t provide the refrigerators yet, but is available for consultation about the best options. For example, True Refrigeration’s commercial refrigerator is a reliable and spacious product, she said.

“That way, it’s a lot more affordable,” Akhtari said. “You’re not really paying for the whiz-bang of a refrigerated locker system. Rather, you’re paying for the quality of a tried and true fridge made by a USA manufacturer, like True or Frigidaire or any other company you want to go with.”

Luxer One charges a fee that typically is around $200 a month for software support and customer service for the Luxer Rooms.

“We have the Luxer Room with the fridge in dozens of properties across the country and our solution fits their needs because it’s scalable, affordable and not overly complicated,” Akhtari said.