Comfort animals at NAA next month

Fair Housing accommodation or scam to get out of paying a pet deposit?

There’s no better way to assess your potential Fair Housing risk than to hear it from someone who makes a living suing noncompliant businesses… and usually wins. The Erin Brockovitch of civil rights, Martie Lafferty has dedicated her career to finding relief for her clients under the protections of fair housing law.

Brace for the hard, cold facts of cases she has personally litigated. Get the first-hand account from the counselor herself as to the exposures facing bad actors with regard to disabled residents. And best of all, she will shed light on the case of the mysterious comfort animals and how they line up with the rights of disabled residents.

As with most litigators, Lafferty is a compelling presenter, real-time expert and excellent source of clarity on the legal implications of Fair Housing Law that don’t always seem clear or simple in day-to-day business operation.

To make the double header complete, Lafferty tag teams with another top compliance expert, Greg Proctor, who has spent a career assuring that apartment owners and operators run a tight compliance ship, that risks are mitigated, and that his customers never see Lafferty across the courtroom.

You’ve heard of flash mobs? Well this is a flash session at NAA’s APARTMENTALIZE in San Diego next month. MHP Publisher Linda Hoffman will moderate as these amazing speakers suddenly appear with a wealth of experience and knowledge, and then with ninja stealth, just as quickly, disappear. Don’t miss this session that will arm you with the knowledge needed to avoid potential landmines at your properties and then, poof, they’ll be gone in a flash.

Apartmentalize, San Diego, June 15 (FRI-B06)
12:45 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.
Speed Round: ADA: Comfort Animals Rising