Toni Blake: Creating a kinder world


In February of 2016, Toni Blake launched a Kindness Challenge that was accepted by over 1,000 people in six countries to make a positive difference in the world. Management companies, schools, civic groups and industry leaders all joined the effort. Check out the results at #Free2BKind.

Anyone who knows Toni, and there are many, know she is dedicated to finding ways to be a positive influence in our world. While I’m not perfectly aligned on her thoughts on reshaping vernacular, I’m completely on board with her end point of softening, even creating a more civilized, thoughtful exchange.

What started this conversation? Toni’s email (published below). She’s given me pause for thought and I hope it will stimulate the same consideration.

I hope to bring you more engaging thoughts from Toni in the months ahead including: What is your plan for maintaining a clear filter for adopting social change into your management marketing and employee relation policies?

(Dear MHP): 

I have been enjoying your emails. I just noticed today that you feature the term Bullet in your Friday posts. Somehow it hit me wrong. It made think about the kids that just got shot down at a gaming event in Florida. All this violence doesn’t seem to stop. I have seen property management annual meetings are now including training for an “Active Shooter.” 

Although, I think giving people five essential pieces of information so they can hit the ground running on Monday is a great idea, I am wondering if using the term Bullets might cause others to get off your train of thought and think of the violence, gun control, school shootings, mass murder at concerts or police violence. 

 I used to say “dead soldier” when I finished a drink and bullets for points. I have tried to be more sensitive to the terms as a public figure. It’s sad to me that this email is even sitting in front of you! This is a unique time in our society. I wanted to share a research project I have been following that shows the seriousness of the changes in our US Culture have become as it relates to trust.


Just a thought! 

Not a big deal.  

I enjoyed the emails and hoped to give you a customer insight directly.

Toni Blake