Infographic: Everyone is essential

Finding balance, getting back to business


UPDATED: April 30, 2020

30+ million unemployed

Breaking the previous record of 695,000 from 1982. Not counted are part-time, self—employed and gig workers who have also lost their livelihoods.

50 million deaths from Spanish Flu 1918-1919

234 thousand COVID-19 deaths 2019 to date

Coronavirus death estimations and hospitalizations continue to shrink (worldwide)

When will the U.S. get back to work? What changes are temporary triage and which are here to stay?

Social distancing has slowed the number of corona cases allowing treatments and infrastructure to get a jump on its spread. Such actions fight the impact of C-19, but at the cost to privacy and civil liberties is at issue.

Financial experts predict that U.S. GDP could drop by half this summer.

When will state governors lift their stay-at-home ban?

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