NMHC releases 2020 National Multifamily Industry Compensation Survey


The NMHC 2020 National Multifamily Industry Compensation Survey  report is now available for purchase. As the premier source for market-level apartment industry compensation data, the 2020 Survey addresses current market practices in compensation program design and salary levels for more than 100 corporate, regional, and on-site positions.

Notably, 104 organizations participated in the survey and  reported data on 65,689 incumbents from across 186 geographic areas. A sampling of topline survey highlights found:

  • Average Salary Increases for 2019 across the board for all positions is 3.5 percent
  • Average Typical Housing Discount Offered to Employees is 21 percent
  • A Multi-Site Property Manager in the Northeast region has the highest geographical differential for base salary (109 percent) when compared with the national average, while the same position in the West Coast region has a geographic differential of 105 percent

The survey contains data for more than 100 apartment industry positions from top executives to leasing consultants with compensation data for metro-areas and consolidated metro-areas—plus national, regional, sub-regional and state locations. It also includes data on short- and long-term incentives, cash bonuses, and annual increases as well as statistics on employee turnover, perquisites, and work/life policies.

The NMHC 2020 National Multifamily Industry Compensation Survey was conducted in partnership with Willis Towers Watson Data Services, a world leader in market data analysis. Survey results are available online through CompOnline, an interactive analytical tool developed by Willis Towers Watson Data Services, enabling your company to create custom data reports according to your company’s criteria.