Infographic: Flying post pan


It’s inevitable. Trade show organizers are revving their engines, ready to roar back.

Maybe you’ve already dared jump on a plane to wait out the pandemic with family or because you needed a break from executive orders.

How has travel changed since you’ve been away? Here are some fast facts.

mask up

You will be reminded —ad infinitum

cut backs

Long-term parking, airline clubs and other services are closed or abbreviated

that’s a wrap

On-board snacks. Saniwipes. Plastic means safe in this alternative universe.

travel credits

Most airlines now roll ticket changes and cancellations into travel credits.

freedom rings

Operation Warp Speed: The C-19 vaccine is officially launched.

Breathe easy

HEPA-filtered air flows from the ceiling downward and exits through floor vents located below those same seats. There is little horizontal airflow.

Free bird

Air travel spiked the day before Thanksgiving despite federal health officials cautions.

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