Infographic: The wild ride of Big Tech


Our government has abandoned a rich and socially beneficial history of trust-busting to allow big tech to dominate people’s lives.

Tim Wu, The Curse of Bigness

Big tech value
  • Facebook, $759 billion
  • Amazon, $1.6 trillion
  • Netflix, $238 billion
  • Google, $1.4 billion
  • Apple, $2.2 trillion
  • Microsoft, $1.8 trillion
The rise of FANGAM

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple, Microsoft

Unsustainable growth

Big Tech rises even as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc. The S&P index closed in December up 18%—two-thirds were FANGAM stocks.

Some animals are more equal

Monopolizing a market frees the company from addressing market interest. Lack of choice on services essential to core processes leaves operations exposed. AI is a huge part of technology. Decision trees, including ethics and customer interest, shift away from customers toward elevating the monopoly.

Multifamily housing business relies heavily on Big Tech for marketing, property communications and business visibility. Operational continuity, data security and business resilience are imperative in all environments.

Expanding a business’s footprint with redundant systems and providers hedges risk and creates new lines of communication and marketing. This future-proofs apartment businesses through all possible outcomes of the future of Big Tech, as well as creates a back up operational plan.

Here are some tech alternatives that offer greater security through end-to-end encryption, anti-tracking, ad-free platforms and do not manipulate content.

Tech 202

Users: 50 million
Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.


Users: 8 million
Headquarters: Culver City, Calif.


Users: 20 million
Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland


Users: 25 million
Headquarters: Paoli, Pa.


Users: 1 million
Headquarters: Henderson, Nev.


Users: 80 million
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Following suit

The number of lawsuits against Big Tech continue to rise, nationally and internationally. Anti-competitive practices, closed operating systems, the lack of democratization and targeted de-platforming have catalyzed users and businesses to seek legal relief and alternatives.

Lack of candor

Without transparency operators have no remedy when AI systems change or fail. There’s no customer support line for data bias or problematic output. The only solution is to implement technology that allows business to control their own systems.

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