Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Florida-based RENCO USA manufactures and distributes a fully patented structural building system made from renewable composites. Its state-of-the-art building system is composed of interlocking composite pieces that are all adhesively joined into a monolithic structure. It includes the entire structure of a building, from the walls (structural building blocks), to the floor joists (pultruded), to the floor (composite decking) to the composite roof trusses and sheathing. Simply put, it’s an alternative way to build—utilizing proven, new materials that are more sustainable, affordable and easier to install. 

RENCO’s patented building system, blocks, joists, decking and adhesives have been evaluated in ANSI certified laboratories for structural performance, physical characteristics and fire resistance. After thorough evaluation, IAPMO approved RENCO’s Evaluation Criteria and issued its Evaluation Report to permit the use of the RENCO building system under the International Building Code, including High Velocity Hurricane Zones. RENCO’s building system is currently approved for structures up to five stories; expanded approvals for taller structures are pending. RENCO is currently completing seismic testing for earthquake zones and is fully confident that it will obtain approval to build in all seismic design categories.


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