Infographic: Stagflation


Ghosts of economies past: 39 v 46

The similarities between the presidencies of Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter have given many pause. Is America on track to repeat the pain of the what many believe to be America’s worse economic years in a lifetime?

Feds have blown $20.3 trillion into the economy

(Nov. 2021) The federal government spends and the central bank prints more money to cover the tab which devalues the currency. Comparatively, $4 trillion was in circulation in January 2020.

In 2021 producer prices rose more than 20 percent—the largest increase since 1946

How’s that modern monetary theory working out for you?

Governments can not print money without causing inflation. Known as the hidden tax, printing money is an indirect way to force citizens to pay for government spending.

Worker productivity saw the fastest drop in 60 years meaning businesses pay more and get less

3 million workers are still missing from the U.S. economy—most in their prime working years

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