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ULI economic forecast

ULI economic forecast sees continued growth

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) recently released its biannual economic forecast for spring 2022. It generally has a more positive outlook for the economy...
CRE market

IRR assesses the state of the CRE market

Intergra Realty Resources (IRR) released its Viewpoint 2022 report on the CRE market. The report states that the economy has strong momentum going into...
multifamily housing starts

Fannie Mae raises forecast for multifamily housing production

Fannie Mae’s August economic forecast projects lower GDP growth for the rest of 2021, partially offset by higher GDP growth for Q1 2022. Their...

Fannie Mae releases October report on the economy

Fannie Mae’s report on the economy paints a generally positive picture of the economy but with a prediction of slowing growth ahead. Mixed bag for...

The digital economy is now official

The Bureau of Economic Analysis, an agent of the U.S. Department of Commerce, in March released its first working paper assessing the economic value...

ABA statement on FDIC’s fourth quarter bank earning report

“Banks were a driving force behind steady economic growth in 2017, with loans growing across nearly every category as businesses expanded and consumer confidence...


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